Paula’s Bouquet

1st Bouquet closeupThere are times when you can tell that someone may need a boost. Paula is a dear, dear friend who has mentored several of my daughters over the years. Since we began to experiment with “pretty, edible food” this week, we thought we would take an unexpected bouquet to Paula – one who does so much for so many others. 

Paula Bouquet

Happy Birthday, Naomi

Na-Strawberry RoseWhat woman doesn’t love receiving roses on her birthday?! Well, we gave Naomi edible roses today – hand made with love. Hope you had a super day.

I also want to thank you for the tireless work you do in the kitchen creating delicious gluten-free recipes. The world needs creative, giving, talented young women like you!

Sumptuous, Succulent, Scrumptuous Blueberry Dessert

There is something enticing about a round pie plate, creatively filled with
delicious, delectable, desirable purple yogurt/fruit goo.


We are grateful for those who, like us, explore various ingredients, tastes and textures
in order to create tasty treats to delight the taste buds while providing
unparalleled cuisine for those with food allergies.
This photo & recipe comes from

Liahona’s Bouquet

Rose BouquetLiahona, a dear young friend I’ve watched grow up these last few years, graduated from High School today. We were thrilled to be invited to attend her celebration this evening. She is a Sterling Scholar, Academic Medallion Recipient (meaning 3.8+ GPA), Diploma of Merit Recipient and Honor Society Member.

What do you bring a young lady who plays the euphonium well enough to be accepted into the Marine Corps band?

Well, this young lady also happens to LOVE raw food! So we made her a bouquet, which she ooohed and aaaahed over, and then promptly ate. Exactly what it had been made for, and I was thrilled she loved it – both visually, and with her teeth.  

Well done, Liahona!

Drive-by Breakfast – Who’s next?!

20140504_101622Pumpkin – Millet – Oat – Potato Starch Pancakes

We woke early this morning and decided we just HAD to have pancakes! I suggested pumpkin, and Naomi did the rest.  While Naomi makes her own personal version of Gluten-free baking mix, we want to let you know that the remaining part of the recipe was inspired by Gluten Free Cooking.

We made them with just the flours, we made them with chocolate chips. We made them with blueberries, apples, and walnuts and various syrups. We even tried them with a ginger syrup. Divine, light and fluffy.  We were so happy with our food we decided to go out and try to discover anyone else who might be hungry for a gluten-dairy free breakfast.

We found several people, beginning with our friend, Scheri. Her daughter has recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and she was very happy to sample our newly created fare. The verdict?
“May I have some more?!”
Ahahaha, success!

Another friend, Danielle, wasn’t home – but Jeri down the street was. *Mwhahaha*
Then, we stopped by to see Alicia. There wasn’t a single recipient of today’s drive-by breakfast that didn’t enjoy, and want more.

We’re already planning our next drive-by event! What do YOU think we should do?!!

Happy Birthday – Smoothie Baby!


One year ago today, my life was blessed with the addition of a beautiful little granddaughter.

I was at work when I got the call – “Mom, please come, now!” I took my essential oils and quickly arrived at my daughter’s home. She was sitting in the bathroom, face full of pain and some fear, and her lovely long hair disheveled. I began to braid her hair so she would not feel so hot and uncomfortable. The tub was also filled with hot/warm water. “Why does it have to hurt SO much?!”

At this point, I moved her into the tub of water. She was amazed. It felt SO good to have the water assist in soothing away her pain. As she rested in the tub, we called the midwives and let them know that they would soon have an arrival at The Pathway to Wellness Healing Center and Birth Suite. They prepared their tub while we made sure Naomi was ready to go. Getting out of the tub was Not desirable, but we needed to get her to the midwives, so out she got. We made it!

We were welcomed to the center with open, capable arms. Vicki and Camille attended Naomi, and everything went relatively smoothly. In the end, Naomi & Pierce had a beautiful, perfect little girl.

Today, I am grateful for so many things. Belle’s laugh is indescribable, and the way she snuggles into my shoulder when I come home from work is priceless. The way she drinks a smoothie full of green tender sprouts and spinach from the garden, and then signs for more. The smile of adoration she shows her mother when she returns from school is another highlight in my day. There’s nothing more stunningly lovely than a young mother sweetly hugging her adoring baby.

To Vicki and Camille346, I cannot thank you enough for your tender, thoughtful care this year as Naomi brought Belle in for her check-ups, etc. You answered her questions when the baby was ill, and helped her gain confidence in her first-time mothering. Thank you for mentoring my sweet daughter, and watching over my grandchild. Your assistance has been priceless.