Halloween Fun

NaRhiaRhiannon and her beloved Auntie, Naomi, spent some time in the kitchen yesterday. They created Monster Apples as a treat, in addition to some Chocolate/Date Bats and Cats!

Rhiannon LOVES creating raw food with Naomi. She loves creating the new flavors available to her in gluten-free food too. The best part though, is sampling it when it is done. So tasty!

Here is a very happy little Raw Chef-ette.


Ben’s Favorite Green

Ben & ChardThere are times when your teen-aged boy just makes your mind go, Huh?! “I don’t always like smoothies, especially in the winter. They’re too cold.” 

Finally hearing and understanding this, I made a large water bottle ready for work, and filled it with two tea bags and hot water. This way, as I drove him to school, he would have a hand-warmer, and I still might be able to get some green into him.

Did it work? Yes it did.

Why does Ben truly usually like green smoothies? Well, it may have to do with what is so abundantly growing in our garden. Ben doesn’t like adding tons of little spinach leaves. He likes making his smoothies with one, very large chard leaf. Saves time and effort – in his mind.   

Green Chard Smoothie
Delicious, Nutritious, and fun to make Green Smoothie
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  1. 2 C Apple Juice
  2. 2 ripe bananas
  3. 1.5 C frozen fruit
  4. 1 large chard leaf
  1. Place all ingredients in the Vitamix Blender. Choose the Smoothie setting. Begin. Add additional juice if needed to reach desired consistency. Pour into cups. Put on your favorite music. Sit back, close your eyes. Sip, Meditate. Roll the smoothie on your tongue. Aaah!
  1. It helps to have extra juice standing by in case your smoothie is too thick.
  2. Adding a quick bit of liquid through the lid can help get it to your preferred consistency.
irRAWsistible.com http://irrawsistible.com/

Kitchen-Hop : Gluten-Free Flour Basics

Tonight we’d been invited to Scheri’s home, to share with her the uses (or not) of Gluten-Free Flours. She is very concerned about her daughter (a gorgeous light-weight who needs to put on some pounds) who cannot eat wheat anymore. This little lady is amazing to me because even though she is SO young, she refuses to eat anything that is going to make her tummy hurt – even if there is nothing else to be had. That’s the reason Scheri wants to make sure there is always something around for her “little bird” to snack on.

We began the evening by showing the leavening power of baking powder and applesauce! You just wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it bubbling away. Amazing. With that, we then put some cupcakes in the oven to be devoured later….

Naomi had a fireside chat with Scheri & Ingrid about the flours she has used, their liquid-absorbing properties, their flavors, and which ones mix well with others.

While Naomi was teaching, Diana cooked the quinoa, for the meal to follow. The pans were hot and ready for Naomi. She made popped quinoa- what a treat!  Scheri & Ingrid then took some of the prepared Naán bread dough in their hands. We believe if you attend a class and don’t have a hands-on moment, creating it at home later will be more difficult. Scheri said, “Hey! This doesn’t feel anything like I thought it was going to…”  We created bread rounds, and baked them on the portable grill. The key to having the bread dough not stick on the hands is – potato starch!

Dinner!  What were we making?  Navajo Tacos (i.e. Naán bread) covered in quinoa, tomatos, onions, chili, and olives.  For dessert, cupcakes and hot chocolate!  

Wee Katherine was in Heaven!