A Juice Feast

It’s often very, very, very difficult to keep going on a program; ever noticed that?

Well, my hat is off to my nephew, Nathan. He is amazing. He saw the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – and did a 10-day juice fast and then has changed his life around and eats a Paleo diet (which is the one that works best for him, and he says he’s tried them all!). He sticks to it even when his family is eating Pizza!!! Nathan has lost a lot of weight, and looks SO good. 

So, unbeknownst to Nathan, I’ve been inspired. I have begun a 10-day Juice Feast. It began today, July 1st. I just wanted to post to the blog to let Nathan know what I’ve begun – and because of his inspiration, I’m willing to work for success for myself. I doubt he even knows how much he inspired me, but he’ll see over time.

Today, I’ve had a couple quarts of juice (carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, ginger) and a quart of tea, and several cups of water that I didn’t measure. I went to the movie with my family (How to Train Your Dragon 2) – and I had a cup of lemonade. I sat between Ben & Naomi (who had Amaranthine on her lap). Because I was in the middle, I also got to hold a huge container of popcorn so they could eat it. 

Nathan, you’d be proud of me. I didn’t nibble even one kernel of corn, not one.

I am going to play with the different colors of juice available to me through the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead website. They provide a layout of the various juicing plans in detail, along with some delicious recipes to assist you on your journey. I’m grateful for that – and the variety of juice we have available. I’ve experimented with many juices and created personal recipes myself during the last 10 years, too.  Looking forward to seeing where I’ll be in a week!

See you tomorrow. :o)

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