Our Raw History

Raw food has long been a part of our family. In 2005, all my siblings and I gathered at my mother’s home in Washington state. For nearly two months we ate raw food, and drank cleansing juices, and walked the hills nearby. It was eye opening. We kept journals of that time and saw significant improvement in health, weight, and blood sugar levels.

Now it is 2014. My daughter, Naomi, eats a specialized diet for food allergies to gluten and dairy. It was with a laugh that we realized most of the foods I fix are actually gluten and dairy free already! We’ve joined forces, and together, we are irRAWsistible.

Laura & BelleDianaSqNaomi is a professional dog trainer and mother of a gorgeous little girl.

Diana is a master gardener, mother to a yours-mine-ours family of 9 children.

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