Balance in life is hard

My day started at 5:15 am, just 4 hours after I managed to fall asleep. I threw on some lip-sense, had a quick bowl of cheerios while packing the diaper bag with almond milk, water, corn puffs and cheerios. Then I woke my husband, got my wee baby in the car seat and headed off to Primary Children’s Hospital. She’s fine by the way, she just needed a cyst removed from the back of her head. Here are some cute pictures of her playing while we waited for the surgery.

Waiting with melodyTo pass what I was sure was going to be many hours I played Pokemon Go. I was wrong about the wait time, the surgery went very well, she recovered nicely. She really hated the IV in her foot, before they decided she could have it removed she played with a roller-bottle of DoTerras Frankincense. She loves twisting caps! Once the IV was removed she calmed down a lot. We were heading home by 10:30.

My husband took the baby downstairs to nap after we got home and I made some lunch. A cheese and meat tortilla melt. Then my dear sweet 4 year old wanted someone to play with, but her cousins were not interested. To add to this scene the baby wasn’t napping, she was wide awake and happy as can be!  I put on the baby carrier and my daughters and I went out to play outside. My 4 year old is friendly and never misses an opportunity to introduce herself to new people. Because of her tenacity when our new neighbors finish moving in she will have 3 new friends to play with! She inspires me every day to be more friendly.

After our brief walk we decided to collect some pine cones and make these awesome pine cone spiders! Pipe cleaners, googly eyes and hot glue can do some fun things to pine cones!

Spider FunAfter a bit of photo fun as we attached the spiders to our giant web we decided to play in a pile of leaves, Auntie Jen even joined us. We had the idea to make a video, I think we would have called it Attack of the Leaf Monster! But after searching for several minutes we discovered the cameras needed to charge. So no movie was made, just lots of fun memories!

Then it was time for me to take my husband to work. My 4 yr old wanted to come so I let her. We stopped for a bit at the store to grab some dinner ingredients and then rushed home to cook! Auntie Jen and I had a blast decorating the table.

Dinner Halloween20171027_165801Sorry the photos are too blurry to read the labels on the food. We had Roasted Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper Pork Loin, Roasted Garlic and Herbs Pork Loin, Sunflower Bacon Crunch Salad and Tri-Color Grapes.  After dinner Auntie Jen my girls and I all got to go to the dinosaur park trek or treat carnival! It was a blast!

Dino funMy 4 year old was having trouble sleeping so after letting her put the books her sister took of the shelf away I tucked her back into bed and cuddled for a bit. She came up with a brilliant plan (her words not mine) “Mommy why don’t you finish cleaning the living room and when I wake up I will be so surprised!” I kissed her forehead and left to clean because how can you refuse a thought like that?

At 11:12 pm I went to go pick up my husband from work. Once at home I pondered this thought: balance in ones life isn’t something you achieve once and then have forever, it’s a continuous effort of thought, focus, success and failure. One well balanced day at the beginning of the week does not mean the whole week will be balanced. Even though today was a great day the first two meals I ate were not the best for me, I felt it all day. I didn’t make time to read an enlightening book and I didn’t take time to take the bathroom trash out. (It needs to be done really bad) I spent time with my happy children and made lovely memories that I will cherish for a long time, but no new gluten-free recipes were created. Was today a failure just because I missed those cooking, cleaning and self growth experiences? No. Because a balanced day does not mean getting to everything on my “I want to do it” list. Some times a balanced day is doing just a bit but being so filled by it that the other items on your list can wait until tomorrow. A balanced day is difficult, a balanced week is easier and a balanced month…  Well that comes one week at a time.

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