Summer, Fall, Seasons All!

This Summer & Fall have been so full of life! I’ve cooked several successful meals that I just haven’t had time lately to blog! I had a baby, made new friends and have had such a good time being a mom that I have been slacking on my blog desires!

Well, be prepared for more updates! I’m going to post a new recipe each Thursday! And I’m going to start adding a video to our youtube channel bi-weekly!

Let’s make some food memories!

Gluten & Dairy Free and Grateful for it.

This morning has found me watching my daughter (she’s 3 now) eat the oatmeal she asked for, along with a bowl full of walnuts. I thought about these past 3 years since I discovered we were both sensitive to dairy and gluten. We can eat them if we choose, but the results are pain, discomfort to the bowls, head-aches and rashes. It’s not very fun.

My adorable daughter has always been my biggest strength for avoiding the foods that hurt us both. However now that she’s not nursing I’m not as great as I could be, I have days when I seem to have no resistance to the things I ate and enjoyed as a kid. But my little girl will never have these problems. When the kids of the household are asked what they want for a snack they often say things like, “cookies” “donuts” “animal crackers” “graham crackers” and “ice cream” but ask my daughter what she wants for a snack and she’ll think about it for a minute before saying things like “Apricot logs” “Green Smoothie!” “Walnuts” or “Oatmeal”. She will occasionally ask for “fruit snacks” “grapes” or “Bananas”

I am so grateful for this food handicap, because it has blessed my daughter with a sense of food that is good for her and food that isn’t in a way she seems to understand. There are days it breaks my heart because all the other kids get cookies and ice-cream and she’s stuck with fruit and gluten free pretzels, but she never seems to mind. She gets a treat same as them and she loves it.

I am also grateful for this challenge in my life because without it I wouldn’t be nearly as adventurous in the kitchen. I love being a ‘mad scientist’ and throwing ingredients into a pot and saying to myself “Well….. I hope this works.” Which is actually how I cook a lot lately, trying new things is fun and rewarding when it works and still fun but disappointing when it flops.

Everyone has challenges that stress certain parts of their lives. I am grateful for my food challenges because I have learned and grown so much since discovering them, and my daughter is growing strong eating foods that are good for her and because of this she won’t get addicted to a lot of the junk foods that her cousins are already hooked on and I can’t imagine a better life for my little green smoothie baby than a healthy, happy one.

Happy July everyone!


Coconut Caramel! Take 1

Hello!! I love caramel, but I don’t do dairy… This leaves me a very sad person from time to time, especially in October; It’s caramel apple season! But I am not one to shy from a food challenge, so check this out!


 It looks so good doesn’t it? It is!

I found some wonderful cans of Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk. I decided to try and turn them into a caramel treat.

This batch I cooked up in the crock-pot. I covered the can with about 2 inches of water, put the can on it’s side and cooked it on low overnight (about 11 hours really) Then I had to let the can cool to room temperature.

20151009_115333 Ooooh, the waiting was hard.

I must admit though, when I opened this can I wasn’t all that impressed with the contents

20151009_115436Just look at that, there’s layer of liquid at the top and it just doesn’t look all that good. I decided to pour it into a bowl to see if that helped improve it’s looks. I was also disappointed with this approach. Take a look at what I saw.


It looks ill….

 So I gave it to Dr. Spoon and stirred it.

Doesn’t it just look healthier now? I think so 


It wasn’t actually all that bad. Turns out it needed some stirring. It tastes a lot like coconut (Go figure huh) but it really tastes good on apples too. So try some out for yourself! And the awesome thing, it thickens the longer it sits. 



I’m going to try again and cook it a little longer to see if I can get a darker caramel color and evaporate more of the liquid that was there when I opened the can (It may be coconut oil though…..) But for now, I have a wonderful sweet treat that I will enjoy oh so much!


Red Blood Cells & Chlorophyll

hemaglobin molecule
Why is the aroma from Essential Oils SO familiar? Why are Green Smoothies SO “good” to our bodies – almost as if we recognize the nutrients on a cellular level? Ever wondered why that sigh of satisfaction is so deep?

Here’s one thought expressed by the attached picture. You’ll see the chemical drawing of one of your red blood cells. What does that have to do with Green Smoothies? Well, a chlorophyll molecule is virtually identical!Carrot Apple Celery Juice

Your red blood cell has an iron molecule (Fe2) in the center, and chlorophyll has Magnesium (Mg), that’s the difference.

According to the teachings of Dr. Anne Wigmore, consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion! So your body can easily and instantly claim what it needs from the green food, and let the rest go – no side effects. Woot!

No WONDER that drink FEELS so right! And when given the added nutrition and benefit of additional plant food (essential oils) to either cleanse, offer optimal nutrition and enhance flavor – its a win-win situation.


Moving can lead to happy surprises!

 Head of the Gluten-Free department moves North…
We will miss her daily company!

Naomi says: There are a few things I had forgotten about moving that I don’t like, the first is how long it takes to adjust to a new environment and the other is having to find new stores with yummy, gluten- and dairy-free foods. 

SSPX0152I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Good Earth Natural Foods and found a much larger selection of dairy free yogurt than I was expecting! Just look at these options!

CoYo, Chocoloate Coconut yogurt! CoYo is a brand I had never even seen before, I can’t wait to try it!

Of course we’ve done a post on SoDelicious coconut yogurt before but this store had different flavors, greek style and large containers!!! 


Plus instead of just coconut yogurt SoDelicious also makes almond yogurt regular and greek style!! How cool is that!!

SSPX0148I will do some reviews of these soon!






A Hero has Died…

ScottFuneralMy dear brother, Norman Scott Pepperdine, has been laid to rest . He passed away the 22nd of June. There are people who enter your life, and you feel safe, protected and loved no matter whether you are with them, or they are far away.

My dearest brother was a hero of mine. He made my life better merely by knowing he was somewhere on this planet.

ScottFuneral1 He brought with him humor, laughter, caring, dedication, and love. It’s funny for me to say “when people enter your life” when in all actuality – I entered his, as he was my older brother. I loved to sing with him, and dream of straw-bale homes and efficiency with him. I loved to watch him inter-act with my son and daughters – he was inspiring. 

Good-bye, Scott. I miss you.

Paula’s Bouquet

1st Bouquet closeupThere are times when you can tell that someone may need a boost. Paula is a dear, dear friend who has mentored several of my daughters over the years. Since we began to experiment with “pretty, edible food” this week, we thought we would take an unexpected bouquet to Paula – one who does so much for so many others. 

Paula Bouquet

Happy Birthday, Naomi

Na-Strawberry RoseWhat woman doesn’t love receiving roses on her birthday?! Well, we gave Naomi edible roses today – hand made with love. Hope you had a super day.

I also want to thank you for the tireless work you do in the kitchen creating delicious gluten-free recipes. The world needs creative, giving, talented young women like you!

Liahona’s Bouquet

Rose BouquetLiahona, a dear young friend I’ve watched grow up these last few years, graduated from High School today. We were thrilled to be invited to attend her celebration this evening. She is a Sterling Scholar, Academic Medallion Recipient (meaning 3.8+ GPA), Diploma of Merit Recipient and Honor Society Member.

What do you bring a young lady who plays the euphonium well enough to be accepted into the Marine Corps band?

Well, this young lady also happens to LOVE raw food! So we made her a bouquet, which she ooohed and aaaahed over, and then promptly ate. Exactly what it had been made for, and I was thrilled she loved it – both visually, and with her teeth.  

Well done, Liahona!

Happy Birthday – Smoothie Baby!


One year ago today, my life was blessed with the addition of a beautiful little granddaughter.

I was at work when I got the call – “Mom, please come, now!” I took my essential oils and quickly arrived at my daughter’s home. She was sitting in the bathroom, face full of pain and some fear, and her lovely long hair disheveled. I began to braid her hair so she would not feel so hot and uncomfortable. The tub was also filled with hot/warm water. “Why does it have to hurt SO much?!”

At this point, I moved her into the tub of water. She was amazed. It felt SO good to have the water assist in soothing away her pain. As she rested in the tub, we called the midwives and let them know that they would soon have an arrival at The Pathway to Wellness Healing Center and Birth Suite. They prepared their tub while we made sure Naomi was ready to go. Getting out of the tub was Not desirable, but we needed to get her to the midwives, so out she got. We made it!

We were welcomed to the center with open, capable arms. Vicki and Camille attended Naomi, and everything went relatively smoothly. In the end, Naomi & Pierce had a beautiful, perfect little girl.

Today, I am grateful for so many things. Belle’s laugh is indescribable, and the way she snuggles into my shoulder when I come home from work is priceless. The way she drinks a smoothie full of green tender sprouts and spinach from the garden, and then signs for more. The smile of adoration she shows her mother when she returns from school is another highlight in my day. There’s nothing more stunningly lovely than a young mother sweetly hugging her adoring baby.

To Vicki and Camille346, I cannot thank you enough for your tender, thoughtful care this year as Naomi brought Belle in for her check-ups, etc. You answered her questions when the baby was ill, and helped her gain confidence in her first-time mothering. Thank you for mentoring my sweet daughter, and watching over my grandchild. Your assistance has been priceless.