Quinoa Pancake Class – featuring Grimm Syrup

063What a truly fun class we had this morning! We’ve been working on this breakfast for some time now. We’d like to share the story with you!

We were watching the Grimm the other day, season 2, episode 14. During this episode, Monroe is trying to serve Nick a delicious, healthy breakfast. Nick hears about the syrup and truly isn’t interested in even trying it, and decides to pass. It’s sort of a breakfast, that wasn’t.

When we heard about the spinach-walnut-basil-maple syrup, we looked at each other and then tried to find the recipe online. It simply doesn’t exist!!! So, Naomi began to experiment in the kitchen and created it herself! Wow – and double Wow. This is one breakfast/recipe you won’t want to miss – your tastebuds will THANK you.


Doesn’t this breakfast look good?

If you could only taste the sinfully delicious ingredients, you’d never want simple maple syrup again!

The pancakes are made with quinoa. Truly light and fluffy. The syprup is green because of the spinach, and a little crunchy because we left the walnuts in little pieces. ┬áThe basil gave the syrup a delightful almost licorice flavor – and the maple is the background upon which all these flavors are thrown for effect. Try it! You just may like it.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Bird Egg

At Thanksgiving last year we were once again playing with our food. There were so many fun pictures on the internet of different kinds of turkeys made from various kinds of food ingredients. As we were making deviled eggs, we decided to see what kind of a bird we could come up with. We know this doesn’t look remotely like a turkey, but it was magical, and creative. This pseudo-bird has fun plumage.

You can see that the body is made from a basic deviled egg. The olive makes a simple head, and the celery leaves helped us mimic a peacock, or the lyre bird with it’s unpredictable fluff. From our family to yours – Happy New Year!

Deviled Eggs top view