Chocolate-Covered Cherries

I remember the days of walking into the store to buy the Holiday Season’s first box of chocolate covered cherries. Rich, simple, elegant in its simplicity – and that first tentative ┬ábite that released the juice onto your tongue… Memories.

Now though, I find the reality of the treat no longer lives up to the memory created so long ago – I’m not sure if the chocolate just isn’t as good, and if the cordial has been either beefed up, or watered down. Somehow, it now seems difficult to find a really good chocolate covered cherry with just the right amount of “Aaaaah…..”


We’re experimenting with the fondant ourselves, because some of my children are allergic to milk. This makes it challenging to change up recipes to suit their particular dietary needs. I believe this recipe found on Tasty Eats At Home’s website will be fun as is, and also easy to “change up” for our needs. Those look incredible, don’t they!

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