Dates – Historical & Fun Facts

Dates in bowl

  • Dates can be found back as far as 5000 – 6000 BC in Iran, Egypt and Pakistan
  • Dates are and have been a staple for the Middle East for… a really, really long time


  • The average date has 23 calories
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Iron for your blood,
  • Fiber to help your bowels
  • Vitamin A for your eyes
  • Potassium for your heart
  • B-vitamins
  • Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium Free!

Madina MosqueDATE FACTS

  • The palm leaves of the date tree have been used to make all sorts of items; roofing, baskets, rugs, doors, and hats are a few of them
  • Dates are great snacks for desert journeys
  • All parts of a date palm tree can be put to use
  • It is said that the Prophet Muhammad lived on dates for months at a time
  • Date trees were used to build a mosque in Madinah
  • There are male and female date palms. To get fruit, pollen from a male tree must be inserted into the female tree’s flower at the right time. It has been done by hand for generations.


  • The date tree is referred to in the Koran as “the blessed tree”
  • The date palm has also been called “the tree of Life”
  • In ancient times, native Arabs supposedly ate up to 6 pounds of dates a day!

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