Day 2 ~ Apple Cider Vinegar = Conditioner

I’m still in love with my hair! Here’s what it looked like before I went to bed last night.


Not bad right?? After a day of chasing kids, I’d say it looks a lot better then it normally does.

The next couple of photos (Because pictures can say waaaay more than I ever could about my hair) show in this order

1. When I woke up. 2. Right out of the shower. 3. After good old-fashioned towel and air drying. 4. Put up in half a bun. 5. Hairstyle of the day. 6. How it looked before bed.

20150217_05525820150217_062920 20150217_065010 20150217_065134 20150217_065145 20150217_211915

This morning I did wash a little differently I washed with 2 1/2 TBSP of baking soda in 2 cups of water, then rinsed, then followed with 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar in the same 2 cup measure mixed with 2 cups of water.

It may be 60 days without shampoo, but I must say, as I was rinsing out the baking soda this morning I totally thought I was going to need to put in conditioner because my hair felt all sorts of tangled. Then I mixed the apple cider vinegar with the water and gently scrubbed that into my head. When I started rinsing my mind was wandering to conditioners when I realized, that my hair was no longer knotted. I came to this conclusion ~ baking soda = shampoo & apple cider vinegar = conditioner.

Until the next post!


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