Drive-by Breakfast – Who’s next?!

20140504_101622Pumpkin – Millet – Oat – Potato Starch Pancakes

We woke early this morning and decided we just HAD to have pancakes! I suggested pumpkin, and Naomi did the rest.  While Naomi makes her own personal version of Gluten-free baking mix, we want to let you know that the remaining part of the recipe was inspired by Gluten Free Cooking.

We made them with just the flours, we made them with chocolate chips. We made them with blueberries, apples, and walnuts and various syrups. We even tried them with a ginger syrup. Divine, light and fluffy.  We were so happy with our food we decided to go out and try to discover anyone else who might be hungry for a gluten-dairy free breakfast.

We found several people, beginning with our friend, Scheri. Her daughter has recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and she was very happy to sample our newly created fare. The verdict?
“May I have some more?!”
Ahahaha, success!

Another friend, Danielle, wasn’t home – but Jeri down the street was. *Mwhahaha*
Then, we stopped by to see Alicia. There wasn’t a single recipient of today’s drive-by breakfast that didn’t enjoy, and want more.

We’re already planning our next drive-by event! What do YOU think we should do?!!

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