Gluten-Free Kisses for Naomi

gluten-free kisses

It is so often difficult to find things to tempt the more finicky palate of my autistic son, who has sensitivities to a great many, many things. Heck, my husband too, for that matter! Hah!

Additionally, I have a granddaughter that is gluten-intolerant, and a daughter that is very gluten- and milk-sensitive.  They have severe gastro-intestinal distress when they eat something they shouldn’t have. It is difficult to be 100% perfect in our wheat society.

 Then, there are my dear neighbors with a wee girl that cannot eat wheat and is SO dedicated to making sure that her tummy doesn’t hurt, and sometimes its SO hard to find something in the store that actually tastes like more than cardboard. 

They are all my dearest Valentines, and I seek out, search for, and gratefully share recipes that make their lives so much richer and tastier, and healthier, and mine a little easier too.

This gorgeous little creation came from Simply Gluten Free, one of my favorite resources for gluten-free recipes, and a whole lot of creative fun!

So quickly, with only a tiny bit of fanfare – I share with you the link to Gluten-Free Kisses, and hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

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