Raw Beginnings

There is a place to begin, and here we Go-o-o-o!

*laughter* Often I have held back, and told my daughter that I didn’t have something to say everyday, so I probably shouldn’t blog.  She responded and told me that she needed to learn the things I know, and her friends do too.  “Please, mom, please keep sharing!” I will, just for you!

There is a family story about Uncle Bill. He was told that if he didn’t quit eating his donuts, etc. that he wouldn’t live longer than another year.  He thought about this and decided, “I like the sweet things in life. I’m going to enjoy them. If I leave Earth a little earlier because of it, then so be it.” (Paraphrased, definitely.)

My journey through life involves a different thought process. If eating sugars or too much bread makes me feel ill or uncomfortable, then I decisively want to avoid that feeling. My journey to discover the nuances of tastes, textures, and colors of food – and the thrill they bring in certain combinations – has been delightful. It has been one step at a time.

I’m usually an all-or-nothing, go-for-the-gusto, kind of person, but this journey has been a little more gentle. I’ll fill you in on the process in further posts, memories of my mother and her love of herbs, our family gatherings to heal and cleanse, etc. as time goes by.  You will see a little bit of our family’s “Steps to Health”.

I can’t wait to share more with you!  Whole, raw food is amazing – truly irRAWsistible!

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