Juice Feasting

Day 2 – Today was rough, truly. I was at work, and only had 1 qt of tea with me, and 1 qt of my juice. It was a long, long day. It taught me that I could make it, but it wasn’t comfortable. The day at work was followed by errands, taking Amaranthine to visit her father, taking Jamie & Ben to get hair cuts, pick up building supplies for the shop, boy scouts, and teaching/assisting in a genealogy class. There was NO time to have juice during those activities, either. 

Went shopping, the store was out of cucumbers and other things I wanted for some special juices tomorrow. They were out of beets too! I had really been looking forward to beet juice in combination with a few other veggies. *sigh* I made carrot-apple-celery-lime-yellow bell pepper-kale juice for tomorrow. I won’t be left without it and wishing.

How do I feel? I’m exhausted. I’m feeling like I have a sore throat coming on. I have a head-ache.

How else do I feel? I made it another day, juicing, and didn’t cheat even once. Family had salad, chicken n’ rice – and Ben had french fries w/ his hamburger too. I didn’t buckle to the temptation to chew something! I’m pleased with my fortitude. I need to have more tea and water tomorrow.

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