Let them have bread!! … Soup?

This post could easily be called, the importance of xanthan gum. But I like calling it bread soup better.

I was making my bread this morning and I used the stand mixer, (my first time doing such a thing with this recipe) and everything was going great! I got 5 minutes of child-care in, than went to go check on the bread in the mixer. I was shocked, it looked like soup! I couldn’t figure it out, I had done everything just the way I always did. The flours, starches and liquids were all in proper proportion. What had the mixer done to my bread?!?!

Turns out, soup is what you get when you forget to add xanthan gum to my bread recipe. I added the xanthan gum and everything actually firmed up, looked like dough and baked two wonderful loafs of bread for me. 

I wish I had pictures of my soup, or my loafs, but I haven’t been diligently photographing much of anything lately, so I forgot. 

Best of luck in your New Year Gluten-Free kitchen adventures!

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