More Strawberry Roses

RhiaAndRoses This is Rhiannon. She LOVES food art projects, and creativity.

Today, we made roses using only strawberries and grapes! She had such a good time threading her grapes on the wooden stick. She experimented with putting the strawberry on right-side-up, and saw that it simply wouldn’t work that way (but she still insisted it SHOULD have). After applying the strawberry up-side-down (properly :0)), she began to try and cut it. Such coordination can be really challenging and frustrating for a four-year-old. So, I stepped in and helped. We counted, one petal, two petals; and then I said, “another petal” while cutting and somehow that translated into three in my mind, so the next cut was obviously 4, right? Nope, Rhiannon corrected me with “threeth petal”. And then we got the counting straightened out. After all that, we were startled alarmingly and unexpectedly when one of Daniel’s birthday balloons popped. That is when we began laughing. Please enjoy this creative day with us!

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