Moving can lead to happy surprises!

 Head of the Gluten-Free department moves North…
We will miss her daily company!

Naomi says: There are a few things I had forgotten about moving that I don’t like, the first is how long it takes to adjust to a new environment and the other is having to find new stores with yummy, gluten- and dairy-free foods. 

SSPX0152I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Good Earth Natural Foods and found a much larger selection of dairy free yogurt than I was expecting! Just look at these options!

CoYo, Chocoloate Coconut yogurt! CoYo is a brand I had never even seen before, I can’t wait to try it!

Of course we’ve done a post on SoDelicious coconut yogurt before but this store had different flavors, greek style and large containers!!! 


Plus instead of just coconut yogurt SoDelicious also makes almond yogurt regular and greek style!! How cool is that!!

SSPX0148I will do some reviews of these soon!






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