Naan Bread – It’s worth your time…

Naan on GriddleSometimes when you think about baking gluten-free, it becomes overwhelming when you think about the xanthan gum, guar gum, thickeners because there isn’t any gluten, and lighteners because there isn’t any gluten and the other flours tend to bake heavy or really soak up the water – both in the recipe, and from the atmosphere. Is it worth the time to get to know about these new combinations?

We say a resounding YES!!!

This was the first bread we created using a large amount of tapioca and potato starch, not to mention several other flours as well. It is so powdery it seems cloud-like. How could a bread this complicated, be good?

We have discovered that it only seemed complicated because we’d never done it before, much like when you go somewhere for the first time and it seems to take forever to get there, but the way home happens quickly. Now, we just whip it up and have quick bread whenever we need it. Love Naan Bread!


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