Oh My Happy Stars!!

I’m sure you’ve all seen those videos with cute food ideas that you just wish someone would make for you so you didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. Right? Well, my mom found one that we just had to make, hot-dog sparklers.



The original video came from tip hero, but since regular pizza crust is a no go for those with gluten issues and regular cheese is just as bad for us non-dairy folks, modifications were necessary.

We decided to use our naan bread instead! Whipping that up was easy, even making the substitute buttermilk was fun! We put potato starch on some parchment paper (wax paper works too) put about half the batch of dough on there, sprinkled it with more potato starch then added another layer of parchment paper. We rolled it kinda thin, maybe a 1/4 inch. Cut a few think strips and covered our squewered sliced hot dogs with awesome naan.



They’re lovely aren’t they? Something to know about naan, it doesn’t brown in the oven unless you cover it in an egg wash first! 

20160702_171005So we did that and then we baked it at 350 degrees for 23 minutes. While it was baking we got busy with our ‘cheese’ stars. The following picture is my favorite non-dairy cheese out of all the ones I’ve tried.

20160702_174025We sliced the block in half, almost making it look like a burger bun, then I got to work slicing stars! Like so!



Our dogs came out and looked fabulous! They even browned a little! (Just a friendly note, please remember to use a non-stick spray of some kind on the tray to avoid the dogs sticking.)


We even decided to a little further, with our sparkling friends. We made red, white and blue jello!!


Now the recipe called for a can of condensed milk, so we just used a can of sweetened condensed coconut milk! It turned out really, really yummy!!

The kiddo’s loved it! And so did we, everything was awesome!

Enjoy the holiday!



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