Red Cross Blood Drive

Red Cross Blood DriveThere are many reasons to donate to a blood drive. One of the best reasons is because someone you know is having surgery, and you’d like to help.  Long ago, when I was having children, my husband would always donate blood the month I was due, just in case. That was very impressive to me, and oddly romantic.

Well, my daughter, Crystal, had surgery today. When I was visiting her last week and mentioned my concern, she stated, “Don’t worry, Mother, they’re only going to punch a hole in my jugular…!” Uhm, well, I didn’t have a response for that, you know?!

RaquelAdditionally, Raquel Wilson is a dear, 15-year-old young woman with serious brain cancer. She is vivacious, outgoing, and just plain darling! She has had several surgeries just this week, and next month may need even more. The blood bank could use our help.

The Pathway to Wellness Center is putting on a Blood Drive and Health Fair from 2pm to 6pm.  Come support the blood drive and help keep the blood bank full. If you have a moment, please stop by and contribute for Raquel. Everyone there is donating on her behalf. If you have more time than that, there are some awesome classes available. 

Red Cross Blood Drive and Health Fair from 2-6pm Wed, September 24. Donate much needed blood, CPR class, Emergency 72-hour kits, Herbal Medicine Chest, Healthy Smoothie Class. Pathway to Wellness Center, 1800 W. Royal Hunte Dr., Cedar City. For more information or to schedule an appointment or register for a class call 435 586-4854.

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