Sunday Soup

Weee!! Sunday Soup!!! Made in the microwave in a really cool 22 oz mug bowl!

 20171029_123810 20171029_144649

The soup was really creamy and delicious! And why have soup without a biscuit? And a Lemon poppy seed muffin…. Both also made in a mug and the microwave.

I did use those oils in the soup. DoTerra Oregano and Rosemary oils are very strong so I used the toothpick method. What’s the toothpick method? It’s when you take a toothpick and put it in the orifice reducer to catch a little bit of the oil and then using the toothpick you swirl it in what you’re cooking. I also used Lemon essential oil in the muffin.

I’d share the recipes with you, but they aren’t quite perfect and I’m saving them for my cook book, so stay tuned and you’ll find them!

Note: I am a wellness advocate with DoTerra, so the links above link to my DoTerra website. Thanks for your support!

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