Tuesday Tricks…. or Treats?



It’s easy to get stuck thinking that snacks have to be some form of cheese and cracker, or fancy dip. Or excessively sweet Halloween candy. But just take a moment and look at this avocado eating child. I mean child eating an avocado .


A fresh banana, pear, peach, plum, apple, carrot, celery and peanut-butter, apples and peanut butter. All of these delicious foods can be eaten as snacks. Just look at these bright happy strawberries

20171102_184555_Burst01This time of year is hard because sugar is so readily available, and your kids go out to get a bunch of it for free! Who says no to free sweets?? Am I right?

No matter what is in your home, you can still have delicious sweets from good wholesome fruits and veggies. Veggies by themselves aren’t all that sweet, but they can be delicious! Just look at this peppered tomato slice, it’s deceptively delicious!


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