Valentine Craft Fair – Day 1

Today was a very long day that began quite early. We were vendors in the local Valentine Craft Fair. We were prepared to share how to make coconut butter, and make delicious green juice. We also used the raw honey from Color Country Honey in our recipes. Fresh coconut butter, mixed with honey is the heavenly combination of flavors with which we stuff our dates. Then, to add a bit of satisfying “crunch” to the dessert, we plunged a pecan deep in the center of the coconut goo.  Many were the “Oooohs” & “Aaaahs” as we shared our creations with the other vendors and the guests who attended.

“Wow, this is good.” Then there was a pause as they chewed and closed their eyes.  “Oh my, this is REALLY, really good.” As their eyes opened wide.

Success was ours today.  Yeah! Hurrah! We’re so happy today was a good day. Several people even signed up for our email list because they want to be made aware of when our next set of juicing, raw food, and gluten free food classes begin.  We can’t wait to finalize our schedule and share what we’ve learned.

craft kids 4


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