Valentine Craft Fair – Day 2

Today was most interesting. We sold some Color Country Honey, and talked with many people that were interested in our Raw Food & Green Juice classes. The afternoon was a little slower than we had hoped, so we decided to just have a good time!

We demonstrated how to make fresh coconut butter!

1) Grab an event attendee and some coconut shavings, put them in the blender (the shavings, not the attendee ;) ) and blend away!
2) We’re using our vitamix blender, but you can use a regular food processor to make your own Coconut butter!
3) Once you pour the coconut butter into it’s container, the way to make a divine treat is to add some honey!
4) That’s when the children took the coconut concoction, stuffed a few dates, and added a pecan. They each made three treats. ┬áThen came the best part – they got to devour the treats.

Our grateful thanks go out to Lauren Whitney, owner of Crochet-Ole, who was the crafter in the next booth. She was there to take video of our fun moments, and was also invaluable in helping us with Naomi’s baby during our demonstrations. ┬áThank you, Lauren!

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