You’ve Ruined My Life!

James CatlinJamie was a trucker. I never asked him to change his diet. I merely asked him to add one salad a day TO his diet. Well, he called me one day. “You’ve ruined my life!”
“I have? What on earth is wrong, Jamie!?”
“I’m here at a little truck stop, and there isn’t a salad to be seen. There’s nothing here I want to eat anymore.”

Drink green smoothies daily and you’ll start to crave their goodness! Ben asks all the time for green smoothies! (So does Green Smoothie baby!) The best thing about snacking on green smoothies is you begin to want the green food more frequently than your previous snacks. Bonus!

Fresh is always best, but you can make a large batch of green smoothie and store it for up to 3 days in the fridge! Freeze them in ice cube trays and they last even longer! Then all you need to do is re-blend it!

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